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Yep, there really is a Luigi!!! Unlike many pizzerias or Italian restaurants named after a fictitious character who sounds very Italian, we are proud to name our restaurant after our father, Luigi Pesce. You see his picture, with our mother, Santina Pesce, on the menu and in our restaurants, which was taken on their wedding day, February 22, 1937. He was 22 and she was 19. They both came from families of six children and both were the first born in America. Luigi’s family came in 1912 from San Severo, a little town just north of Bari, Italy. Tina’s family came in 1910 from Palermo, Sicily and was originally from Licata in southern Sicily. Both were exceptional cooks and we are pleased to continue their traditions. Food is important in every Italian family and ours was no exception. Luigi did most of the cooking because he got home from work before Tina and we sat down every night as a family (including my two older brothers) to an abundant and exceptionally good tasting meal. Both Dad and Mom were very particular about the ingredients they used and the methods to make these great meals. Donna and I are no different. That’s why we make our own gravy (sauce) and meatballs several times a week here in the restaurant. That’s also why we use things like fresh chicken (not frozen) and there’s never anything brought in that’s been pre-cooked. What a mortal sin that would be!!! And our eggplant parmigiana is a special treat because we painstakingly make it the same old world way Mom did for years and she was famous in our neighborhood because of it. Every meal we prepare is made-to-order. That’s just the way it’s supposed to be. So, here we are. After spending 33 years in the sales and marketing corporate world and raising our own family, Donna and I decided to open Luigi’s as a pizza restaurant offering the best pizza we know how to make and basic Italian dishes which everyone can recognize. There are no gimmicks here, just good food, plenty of it, and reasonable prices. After several years of pretty good success (thanks to you all) Luigi's opened in Dacula. This store was opened by our good friends, Joe and Bonnie Molino with their daughter, Melissa. Joe and Rich are fraternity brothers at the University of Dayton since 1966. We all look forward to making you feel like it's Sunday at Grandma's house!!! We hope you love these places as much as we love having them. And we love having you dine with us. Bon Appetito!!! And God Bless.